Sunday, 29 January 2012

The New Bag in Town

Have you seen this bag? I have, everywhere! I'm probably behind the times but when I started to see this bucket shopper creeping onto everyone's arms I had to investigate. Eventually finding it in Zara I have to admit I fell in love! Made from 100% Buffalo leather and in a range of colours, it's no wonder its selling out and being sold on eBay for an added quarter of the original price!
At £79.99 it is a reasonable price for such beauty, especially with the plaited detailing on the handle. The simplicity, the fashionability as well as being first spotted on Olivia Palermo last year make this bag a 'must-have' of the season. However on reflection in the high street store I thought, 'hold on, I see this bag everywhere I go, town, university, there's so many girls wearing it on my course I'm surprised they haven't formed some sort of alliance!' which is why (softly weeping) I handed this magnificent accessory back to the shop assistant and swiftly waltzed out in a tiz.

Yes, it is the one to 'see and be seen in' yes, it is practical and yes, this bag would be the biggest confidence boost since my eBay fur coat arrival but I don't think jumping on this particular band wagon is for me, although it may just be too good to resist!

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  1. I'm in love with this bag! It really is everywhere!!!!


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