Monday, 19 December 2011

Reed it and Weep

It's that time of year when watching classic christmas films with a cup of tea whilst the wind and rain howls outside is the best part of your weekend. My all time favourite has to be the 1940's classic 'It's a Wonderful Life', the moving story, the christmas spirit but all I can think of when watching is how graceful Donna Reed (Mary Hatch) is with her elegant charm and stunning wardrobe, who wouldn't idolize this dainty creature? So I decided to check out this seasons forties glamour trend in vogue and found it has inspired some of this seasons best party dresses. Therefore I only thought it right to glance at a few best finds and found this Topshop velvet dress with lace collar (below) which matches Donna's dress in the last scene of the film perfectly, with a younger trendier twist to the style. At £65 it's a bit steep to fork out but the look is well worth it and you will definitely be the part at all the crimbo parties with this forties replica. HAPPY REEDING! 

For a cheaper alternative why not team this Miss Selfridge dress (below) £22 with a lace collar necklace? I found this one (below) on ebay at just £12 but I'm sure with a bit more searching a few more squids could be knocked off!

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