Monday, 25 February 2013

Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers

So in honour of the oscars (sort of) I decided to full on try out my new heated hair rollers. 
I think its hair roller rule number 1 that you should do this on clean hair, and since mine is a day old, it came out a bit squeue-whiff, buttt I am going to try it properly again soon (hopefully this week) with clean hair, so I'll upload a few shots of it then. 

Awful box picture. 
I bought these because I had £10 to spend at Argos with O2 moments (great for free stuff too) and as I already had my eye on some of these, I took the opp and bought them for £19.99 instead of, yup, £29.99!

The rollers come in three different size, of which I havent worked out my favourite yet, I think its the medium though. It also comes with clips and pins for every size, which are obviously handy. 

Sorry you can't see them well because of my nice brown carpet. 

My hair is uber thick and long, so I would of preferred more rollers but I made do by doing it in halves. 
I would also suggest that although the manual says heat them up for around 10 minutes and keep them in for 10 minutes, if your hair is anything like mine, keep them in longer. 
The effects last longer and you get curlier curls. 

Here is my very messy roller head. 

And here are the results. 
The photos don't do it justice, it actually looked fairly normal, except the bottom curls just went out straight away. 
I will just have to play around with the different sizes and styles and how to put them in.

It's been a long day hence the baggy eyes but I liked the curls on the right side here. 

All in all they are average. I need to test them out a few times and actually go out in them to see if the style lasts but I wouldn't of paid £29.99 for them, sorry babyliss! 

If anyone can give me some tips on how to use rollers better, please comment below! 
Thanks guys!

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