Monday, 28 January 2013

Melt Candle Joy

I recently received this Melt candle, and seeing as my barely useable Glade is ready for the bin, the timing couldn't be better.  
I am always burning candles, they are soothing, and they just create the nicest relaxed atmosphere, which definitely makes sitting in bed all evening doing work a lot nicer. 
Melt is based in the UK, selling all things smelly (in a good way) for your home, each with their own unique fragrance. I have never seen such a mixture of scents, but just the sound of them makes your nose perk up and the over whelming need to have a bath surrounded by each one grow. 

My Melt is called Joy (pictured above from the website) and it smells just how it sounds.
It contains citrus, musk, iris, rose and lily, so it's mainly floral with a hint of summer spritz and a base of earthy tones. 

It came in a gorgeous cylindrical box (pictured above) with a bit about the candle. 
The candle itself is cream, with the logo on one side and a nice little motif on the other. 
The design is sleek and neutral so it fits perfectly in any room. 
Once lit the wax melts, the oils burn and the infusion drifts with a subtle, but not too over powering aroma.
I can tell I will be burning this for a long time! They are just the perfect ambience, meaning Melt Scented candles are the perfect gift for Valentine's day. They even have a 'love' range, ideal for a bit of luxury romance. 

(pictures above my own.)

The links to all their websites are below.

Website here.
Facebook here.
Twitter here.
Pinterest here.

I am working on some other gifts for Valentine's day post, so keep coming back!

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