Saturday, 24 November 2012


Blomming is a site in which users can buy or sell their products from your own little shop. 
This is like Etsy, you might say. Well, this is where you wrong.
Blomming allows the user to create their own shop on Facebook, through their page, as well as on their blog, just by adding photos of your product! (none of the 'click on this link' hoohaa). 

You can feature your products on your blog posts, and sell them without ever having to leave the page!
Your products will also feature on your Blomming profile, so other users can see what your selling and hopefully spread the word!
Now, being a budding entrepreneur like my self (see Stray Nails) and not really knowing where to start sharing my product, especially when you have to pay to even put your products on a site, this is the perfect solution! 

As soon as I have enough product (again, stray nails) and some good photos of them (failure to prepare is preparing to fail) I will definitely set up my own little shop on Blomming, excitingggg! 

You can check it out, and open your own shop here

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