Saturday, 24 November 2012

Best Dressed for Less No.7

I know I havent posted in yonks, sorry guys! University calls, the work load has been hectic!

This best dressed for less is an easy one. Rihanna dressed like a bin bag, a lollipop and pratically naked except some camouflage. 
SJP slumped down to jeans and a cardi to pick up the kids.
 And Miranda Kerr continued to floor us.
Precisely why shes the chosen one for this weeks BDFL. 
She stepped out into New York with her son Flynn in Balenciaga, Acne, Tabitha Simmons boots and a Christian Louboutin bag. If you want to re create this to a tee, that would cost a hefty amount.
So here's how to re-do the look at a minuscule price, enjoy! 

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