Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The 'Wall of Fame'

Apologies for not posting in a while. Uni, work and socialising hasn't left me much time to blog! The past few days I haven't had much to do, so this means I have been able to lazily wake up at godly hours of the morning and just think in bed for a few minutes, these moments are made better by my precious 'Wall of Fame' (Above). A memorial of favourite photos taken over the past few years that I can look at and remember as being the best of my life so far.
If your like me, and you would rather spend your money on those new shoes than a poster, or a fellow student unable to rip down the damp dreary wall paper and exchange it for some Laura Ashley floral prints then here is a great decorating tip for you! 
Do you have old photos lying around in albums, or stashed in a file on your desktop (most likely, being the 21st century) simply print them out and place them strategically, or even creatively intertwined with drawings, around your wall to really enhance it with memories you love. 
Apologies for the mess that is my room! Below is a small notice board filled with child hood and family photos which I have also added to with concert tickets, and various bits mainly from nights out!
But printing out photos is so expensive isn't it? Actually no! With a bit of site comparison research, I managed to find a great deal by signing up and getting 99 prints for just 99p. A bit of Advertising here, for those UK readers, I used Snapfish. They are always doing great deals and if you find a good offer, some of their products make really nice gifts, such a a calendar for Mum or even a canvas to add to your 'Wall'. For you international readers, i'm sure there is an equivalent near you out there!
I have even been cheap enough to gather free flyers and postcards from around campus to add to another wall decoration, including some great vintage vogue cover postcards (a gift from my sister) which I add to all the time and it looks interesting! 

So why not try it? There are so many possibilities with this idea. Something a bit different in terms of interior design, a chance to be creative and you can share your precious memories with everyone who walks into your haven! 

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