Friday, 23 March 2012

Summer Hibernation

It's that time of year when the birds start singing, the leaves start growing and we loose an hour in bed. The breeze is becoming warmer which means its time to hang up the jumpers, the big boots and put away the umbrellas (until Aprils Showers).
For me, this is especially hard as I am having to wave goodbye to my (fake) fur coat. Bought on ebay for a meer £60 (I was ecstatic!) this acrylic mink beauty has seen me through two good winters, and being a classic winter coat, hopefully many more. 
The timeless fur look, when worn right, makes a person just look and feel glamourous. Practical and stylish, this coat has been with me through the best winter memories, suffering its fair share of rips and tears. 
The thing I love most? Even after a hefty few dry cleaning sessions, it still has that musty, old smell, which, odd as it is, I just love!
So I guess its good bye my bulging fur friend, I will miss you! Hello tribal shorts and aviators!
(Outside the Manchester Christmas Markets)

What Fashion Winter Loves are you saying goodbye to for summer? 

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