Monday, 6 January 2014

Slogan Sweats

You can't sit with us.

I love a good slogan sweater. I have my own 'that shit cray' in burgundy, however I'm looking to invest in another as it is too explicit to wear out doors. I already frighten small children, I don't want to scare the parents as well. I love this outfit (above), simple yet stylish. Although I dislike 'sneaks' being worn for anything other than exercise, this ensemble screamed Nike. Monochrome and Mean Girls, it works! 


  1. LOVE these sweaters! I need that pink one! <3

    1. thanks abbie! we love them too, and we love your blog! following you now :)

  2. I don't know why but lately I've been purchasing many sweaters.. but now that I've seen this..I want one with a good message on it! :D I love the first one and the vogue one :)

    Thanks for the ideas!

    Andra, from --

  3. Hi Emily, love the blog :)

    I remember you saying in October 2013 that you had been offered an internship in Vivienne West's Press Office!! How did that go??
    My name is Charlie and I had just finished my internship in the Viv West Press Office.
    Great to hear back from you

    1. Hi Charlie! Thanks so much! Yes I remember seeing your name on all the dispatch notes! How great to hear from you! It was such a great experience, very busy and learnt so much from Jess and the team, I miss being a 'little dog'! How did you find it? What are you up to now? x


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