Monday, 23 December 2013

Midi Skirt Disaster

Midi Skirt

You must have noticed the midi skirts at the moment, my favourites are in Topshop. There's something 50's Givenchy glamour about them. I tried a few on, but settled on this light pink one from Dorothy Perkins because of its price (£20) and its colour. In essence, this should be a cute little outfit for a winter dinner in a fur coat. In reality? It looks awful. 
The skirt was not at all what I expected when it came in the post, the colour is completely different from the picture, its a brighter pink, and the fabric is thin and cheap looking. I mean, it is cheap, but you can buy stuff in Primark, which when asked where its from and you say Primark, they go "OH MY GOD, WHATT?! I CAN NEVER FIND ANYTHING LIKE THAT IN THERE!"
So there was no excuse. 
In this day and age, where online shopping is so popular, and the line between bricks and mortar and websites is getting rapidly smaller, being able to see a product up close and know what you're getting for your money is a bonus. When it still doesn't look like the picture after zooming in and examining it on the web, and you've paid a good few quid to get it delivered, or schlepped through the shoppers to get it from click and collect, this is somewhat less impressive. 
But I guess there's an essence of mystery about it, hit and miss, and when you hit, you feel accomplished, when you miss, its just a ball ache to return. 
Has anyone else bought a midi this season? Where from? I'm still on the look out after this disaster! 

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