Monday, 6 January 2014

Twitter Bio Disorder

"Starbucks obsessed, life enthusiast" 

"Blogger, tea addict, and hopeless wanderer" 

"Lover of dogs, fashion, lipstick, curly hair, and TV"

These are some fashion bloggers actual twitter bio's, I didn't make them up, this is literally what people think they want others to know about them. 
Am I the only one completely baffled by having to give ourselves some sort of weird diagnosis in the contents of our twitter bio?! I like to read and shop online but I'm not boring people to tears with it on my social media platforms in some weird phrase that sounds like I'm talking to a support group for the dull fashionistas club! 
90% of the population love TV. We are a tea drinking nation. And what the DICK is a hopeless wanderer?! I'm pretty sure that girl is just traipsing the streets with a distant stare in an indie trance, wearing dungarees, carrying a ukelele and shopping for a rocking horse... 
You wouldn't put this shit on a job description or your cv. Liking coffee and dogs surprisingly does not make you unique. You are bloggers of fashion, which is probably one of the most creative hobbies of the time, yet all you can come up with is that you like curly hair?! 
Please, I beg of you all, if you're going to choose some words which sum you up in a short sentence, make them interesting, make them original, that's what people will remember. Not what you eat for breakfast. 

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  1. I actually totally agree with you on this! I've come across thousands just like what you've described haha, I tried to keep mine as professional sounding as possible!



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