Thursday, 26 September 2013

Unconventionally 22

As you've probably guessed, my birthday is coming up, and sorry Taylor, but I really don't want to feel 22 (standard cringey pun). So in honour of not wanting to get older, I'm asking for some rather crazy things this year, just to spice it up and revert back to childish ways, which I don't find hard to do at the best of times. 
So this year I'm asking for some guitar picks (those things with the eyes), not specifically those ones, but I do like whacky ones. I used to have spongebob ones, but they disappeared. 
A couple of Camilla Morton's books. I watched her speak at London Fashion Weekend (post to come) and she was so lovely and funny and I left feeling inspired to write my own book, but I think I'll start by reading hers. 
Some smelly candles. I don't have many candles, or many nice smelly things in my room, so I thought I'd combine the two. 
A new iPhone case. Not that crazy, but the one above definitely is! I saw it on the internet, and then in Topshop on Oxford Street and I love it! 
Some anti wrinkle cream, because I've ran out. Not crazy, just a necessity when getting older. 
And finally a minion. Just because. Or a rubber duck to add to my growing collection.

I would love these gifts, almost as much as that girl above loves balloons. Almost. She seems to really like them. 


  1. This post was darling, happy brirthday, Emily! I always told my parents I was going to grow down rather than up, and at 25- I've seemed to do quite a good job at it! (Not necessarily the best thing, hahaha.) Anyway, great blog, I'm following! <3 Emily

  2. lovely gifts! love that iphone case!
    followed! keep in touch!


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