Saturday, 6 October 2012

Stumbled on StumbleUpon?

Yet again, I'm behind the times. 
But with new housemates comes their influence of new music, a different routine and new websites.
One I'm now loving is Stumble Upon.
Now, you may have heard of it, you may not, either way its just great. 
I know people who can sit on the internet for hours, googling everything under the sun. I can't do that. I have mental blanks and just end up on Facebook. 
That's where Stumble Upon comes in. The site where everything your interested in, is found for you! 
So start off by ticking a list of your interests. Then Stumble away!
If you like something you find just 'like' it and more sites like that will appear. 
The only downside? Theres no personal profile, where if you like something, you can re visit it easily. This means you have to save everything you like yourself! 
Never the less, I have found some amazing sites on here, including making your own mix tape, the best places to visit around the world and a site entirely made up of pictures of puppies. 
It's also a different way to find fashion blogs.

Another procrastination tool for me to avoid work, I wish I'd never found it, but so glad I did! 

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