Monday, 12 May 2014

She's All That

Hello little bloglings! Since I've been gone (no, I'm not going to start jotting down kelly clarkson lyrics) I've acquired a brand spanking new job (PAID this time) at House of Fraser in the multi channel department of their Baker Street office! I'm still learning the ins and outs but my team are lovely and I can't wait to get settled there!
Secondly, to celebrate my first pay cheque in over 6 months, me and a couple of gals booked a holiday to Ibiza for the grand price of £200! Flights, hotel and parties included, well chuffed! The party places are not my sort of thing anymore but I just couldn't turn down a deal like that! 
Another bit of exciting news, Stray Closet has now reached over 40k views! That's probably a days work for a lot of you, but this has been a long time coming for me! So thanks guys!
Amongst all of this, I have seriously dropped off the fashion bandwagon and desperately need to learn whats what again! 
So, to kick off, I purchased this cheeky number a couple of days ago whilst watching Eurovision (who else is loving Conchita?!).
 I recently watched 'She's All That' and simply had to find a gorge 90s trend spaghetti strap dress like Laneys, and Fashion Union made this happen for just £12! This one also looks a lot like Cher's little white number in Clueless, you all know the one! 
It hasn't arrived yet but I'm hoping it'll be super cute when it does! 


I've always been so focused on print each season, so this time its all about plain colours and simple lines and shapes. A simple dress can look gorgeous when its got a great fit, and they're so much cheaper too! 

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