Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Smocks and Swings

Baggy dresses are creeping onto the New In pages of our e-comm faves, and I'm loving this style. Great for festivals and beachy days, super casual and very Ivy from 90210-esque. I've been eyeing one up from Missguided but it sold out in an instant, so I've been trawling around and found these, with a bit of outfit inspo to match. 
There is the usual oversized smock which has been popular in the past, but a new style called 'swing' is emerging, or am I just behind the times, again. They are like smock, the same loosey gooseness only with a cami top to really ooze summer.  I also love the endless accessories that can be worn, there is never too much or too little, and all very Boho. 
An easy way to achieve this look, buy a similar dress 3 sizes too big, slap on some turquoise, ruffle your hair, stick flowers in it, and plonk on some sandals. 
Boho - Sings and Smocks

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