Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I had my Summer Grad Ball at the Hilton last Saturday, so naturally thought I'd share the experience with you all.
It was a glamourous evening, with a glass of free champers on arrival, a 3 course meal, and a D-Jay to finish off. 
Being on a fashion course you can only imagine the parade we were expecting, girl after girl dressed to the nines. Some with loubi's, some carrying Chanel, and the not so subtle stares from head to toe, with a "what does she look like?" or "that dress does NOT suit her" to follow. 
Yes, it was bitchy.
My dress was from ASOS, it was a bargain I thought at £55, however having sent it to Jersey by accident (home), and my Mum having to send it back here, it got a nice VAT charge, which I was fuming about! 
I had my hair highlighted, and curled it myself (v.proud) and did my nails (below) and did my make up using my Benefit 'Primpcess" kit. 
I even wore heels! 
All in all it was a lovely send off, I even had a dance with my finance teacher!

Below is a mood board of the accessories and things I used for the night.


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