Sunday, 30 September 2012


Hi Guys, I haven't posted in agesss because, as you can probably guess from the title, these past few weeks have been hectic! 

This isnt a real post, more like a life update and I wanted to tell you about the changes I'm thinking about for this blog. 

So mid-september is when school starts, which means back to uni, so moving back up to manchester was stressful enough. Then its freshers week, which means hangovers, a lot of hangovers. 

Uni also means going to lectures, and lectures means work! Especially as a 3rd year, it actually counts this time round.

These past few weeks have been host to all the fashion weeks too, and I wanted to wait for that to blow over because there is too much choice to focus a post on it. 

I'm thinking of starting to do OOTD posts, or rather OOTW, to make it a bit easier. This is because the posts are quick and simple, which would mean I can keep posting whilst keeping up with my work. 

However! My lack of clothes from travelling over, and my lack of money, means hardly any new clothes have been bought, so my OOTW's would consist of not very interesting style choices.

All of this has left me with no time, lack of motivation and a failed blogging idea. 

But don't despair, my 21st birthday weekend is fast approaching, which should hopefully bring some new fashion updates! 

In the mean time, here are some pictures of my new room at uni, a bit bigger than my old one, and looking more presentable with my homemade bunting hanging up!

I have managed to purchase one item of clothing since I've been here. This sleeveless chiffon shirt with studded collar, £24.99 from Ark, (you can't really see the studs, below) and you can buy it cheaper from Missguided for £19.99. I love it, really on trend with the military theme of this season. 

So there is my little rant of excuses over, try and stay tuned guys, its greatly appreciated!

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