Friday, 9 January 2015

Dream Job

It's a new year, a time when everyone wants change and seems to reevaluate their life, me included. I've been at my current job for about a year now, and although I've learnt loads and it's been a great experience, it's really made me think about what my ideal job would be. 

Now, there is no such thing as a Dream Job, one with absolutely no complaints, it just doesn't exist. We're British, we will always complain about something, be it the fact you're worked like a dog or that you're desk is the wrong shade of grey, there will always be something not perfect about it. 

I'm 23 and I've had at least 12 jobs that I can remember, I can't remember every single one because there's not enough room to write them all on my CV. However I will always remember my first, shovelling dog poop at the local animal shelter when I was 14, the height of glamour! 

So, having obtained these experiences, within many different fields, I feel qualified enough to know what qualities I would like in a position to get as close to that Dream Job as possible.

The first is a job that allows me to divulge my creative flare at least once a day. I love to be creative, use my imagination, get crafty, brainstorm ideas, so to be able to do this everyday and get paid for it would be the dream. 

Following on from that, a job that rewards you for hard work. Not in a 'well done for processing that data, here's a chocolate' kind of way, but working on a project from start to finish, seeing the final product and sharing success within a team. A gratifying job that makes you proud of what you've achieved on an ideally daily basis. 

Also, a job that is engaging. I have had many a working day in many different roles when it's taken every ounce of energy just to stay awake because the boredom is so sheer. As well as this, there have been positions where it has taken every ounce of energy to get myself home because I've been so crazy busy day in and day out. A happy medium of sometimes busy/sometimes quiet would be the best balance. 

Face to Face interaction. My current position requires me to sit at my desk all day, staring at a screen, answering emails. I hardly have any meetings, and when I do, they're short and sweet, with little input. My team are great but one thing I have really enjoyed about my past positions is meeting new people everyday, interacting face to face in meetings and discussing points to crack on and get stuff done. I think this shows more than anything what a technological age we live in, which saddens me. Let's keep client interfacing alive and make the effort to engage more with each other without clicking on a 'Reply' button. 

A team who is quite laid back. None of this "you have been on your lunch for 1 hour and 2 minutes, this is UNACCEPTABLE!" stuff. Laid back enough so that everyone feels comfortable, without taking the mick.

A friendly, supportive team that will help out in stressful situations or when you can't cope on your own. As well as a team that doesn't feel hierarchal, one in which you can ask your superior anything and not cowl away from them under your desk. I'm lucky enough to have this where I currently work, and it's something everyone should experience in their roles.  

Well paid. I am a graduate with over 4 years experience in various office positions, is it too much to ask that I am being paid enough to be able to afford bread?! Living in London is probably the worst place to inhabit when you're skint and with the tax collectors nicking literally thousands off us each year, it's damn near impossible to have a normal, 'young, wild and free' life when receiving tuppence for a wage!

A tea loving office. Everyone must love tea and have at least 3/4 cups a day.

A position that involved travel would be a bonus. 

And finally, any building which has an office dog is one I definitely want to join, screw the other stuff!

I realise this is a lot to ask from a job but if one out there exists that is anything like this, I would jump on the chance right now!

If you are thinking about moving positions or looking at a new job, I urge you to try and do this task for yourself. Really think about what you enjoy from your work or past positions and what you want to get out of a job. It could work wonders for your career! 

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