Sunday, 28 December 2014

Post Christmas Sale Picks

Happy Christmas to you all! I hope the day was filled with merriment and laughter and that Santa was good to you. We have literally not stopped eating since christmas eve, so I thought I would take a break from scoffing left overs into my gob and show you all a few bits and bobs I've gifted myself from the December Sales. Not that I have any money left, but I managed to find a few good buys that didn't burn a hole in my pocket too much! 

I'm not a great fan of online shopping (despite working in e-commerce for the House of Fraser website), partly because post offices are in my Room 101, but mainly because I just can't do it! There are some experts that can order tons, and know exactly what they're items will look like, and get it right every time. I guess this comes with practise, but I always end up having to do returns or not finding the best deal, the whole thing is just quite distressing for me! But with boredom creeping in, I began to scroll the sale pages of my fave fashion sites and I think I've made some good choices here. 

December Sale Picks

The camel coat is a piece I (actually my mum) bought in the store sales at River Island, saving £30 it was marked down to £50 from £80. I love it, it's an oversized cocoon fit with a lovely deep red lining and will do nicely for a new winter coat. 
Accessorize have some great savings as always at this time of year and costume jewellery is everywhere at the moment. They have a lot of great statement pieces, but after searching for some big embellished earrings for a while, I finally settled on these lovely pearlescent pastel drop earrings. They were half price, £7 down from £14, I may have to get another pair I've got my eye on! 
I know, I know, Christmas is over, so why on earth have I got a xmas jumper in here. Well, was it just me or did you also have a mad dash around Primark the day before National Christmas jumper day?! So, to stop that from happening next year, I've thought ahead and ordered one in advance. You can get some amazing deals on xmas jumpers at the moment, I bagged this one for just £6 from Boohoo! 
Urban Outfitters is great for knick knacks, and if you want to be super organised, you can start thinking about next years christmas presents! (too far?) I got the hip flask, iPhone hairbrush case, kitty pencil case, and Russell Brands book into my virtual shopping basket for a good price. Great gifts for the future or little treats for yourself, either way they'll come in handy! 
I've been searching for a new good pair of jeans for some time now which is an ever lasting struggle in itself #firstworldproblems but I thought I'd give some ASOS ones a try as I've always opted for Topshop's Tall section. This pair came in leg 34" which should just about fit, and they're under £20 which is a bonus!
I never ever treat myself to nice undies, I usually just grab the nearest bra to me in Primark and think that'll do. I've wanted to try the triangle unpadded bras for a while so when I came across this one for £6.50 on ASOS with its delicate feminine design I thought I'd give it a bash. Being bosomly challenged, I'm a bit skeptical on how it will look but fingers crossed! 
And lastly, the off shoulder, bardot style top is caked across the sale pages right now. I'm not sure if the trend has been a flop or if it's just getting started, but I love the look of the necklines so I ordered this one from Boohoo for £6. It's always a bit hit and miss with this site so we'll see how it turns out!

Hope you've managed to bag some good buys this sale season. If you know any good sites to recommend for some good bargains, please comment them below! 

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