Friday, 12 July 2013

Interview blues

This post is going to be half rant, half 'name and shame', all about Monsoon. 
I thought I would put this out there because I found the way I was treated by this company was degrading and frankly disgusting, especially as a struggling grad looking for work, like many others. 

So, at the moment I'm applying for jobs in London for my big move there in September. I have a degree in International Fashion Marketing and so applied for the Merchandising Admin Assistant role for Monsoon on the off chance, knowing that I have studied merchandising roles (so I know what they involve) and have experience in admin. 
I was surprised and excited when I received an email for the Monsoon careers office asking me when I'd be available for a telephone interview. After booking the time slot, re arranging my work shifts around this and then spending hours preparing standard interview answers to what I thought would be an interview, I did not expect to be treated the way I was. 

After answering the call from my 'interviewer' she immediately asked me why I even wanted the merchandising role as I have a marketing degree. I replied because I'm interested in the field, have studied it as a module, and want to work for a large company. She told me that I would find the role boring, questioned what I knew about it (and when I answered told me I was wrong) and with a very patronising tone suggested that I try for marketing positions in future as I 'clearly' do not have a passion or an understanding of merchandising. 

Before I even put the phone down I was in tears. Not only because I'd been made to feel small, insignificant and had all my confidence battered out of me in one swift phone call but mainly because I was in shock. 

After being told I was to have an 'interview' for the position, I did not get asked one interview question but instead was basically asked why I had even bothered to apply for the role. 

Maybe it was fair of her to ask why I thought I was qualified, maybe she didn't think I had a genuine passion for the role, but then if so, WHY ASK ME FOR AN INTERVIEW?! This is the thing that really bugged me. Why even ask me for an interview when you don't think I'm qualified or passionate! 

The whole thing really upset me, and I have written a strongly worded email about it to them. However I highly doubt that this made a spot of difference to how they are treating candidates who have shown a genuine interest in the company. The whole situation has surprised and baffled me to my very core. 

But like all other graduates struggling to find a good job, that is worthy of the constant rejection and your time, I have to keep my head up and keep trying. But I can tell you all now, I will never step foot into Monsoon again. 

Do you think I was treated unfairly? Please leave comments below!


  1. Hiya Emily - a really interesting read! Sorry to hear you had a horrible experience, it must have been an awful, but unfortunately this interview style isn't a oneoff.
    A sort of knock them down and see how they get back up type approach? Surprised to see it at Monsoon, i've experienced it at banks!

    Personally don't think its the right way to get the best people but, in this world there are lots of difficult clients and colleagues to deal with so how you react from this will be the true judge of your character. Don't let it stop you from trying - otherwise you really are proving her right!

    Good luck with the hunt!
    Love Zoe x

    1. Hi Zoe, thanks for the comment! You're right, and I now understand I should've stood up to her there and then, but I just don't see the point in giving me an interview just to knock me down, it seems pointless! If you don't think I'm right for the job, send me an email saying I haven't been successful, don't say I have an interview to then tell me that! like I said, I was very surprised too! I'll definitely be more prepared next time, and think twice before applying to anything I'm not 100% sure I would love doing. Thanks a lot :) and great blog btw! x

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experience. I have had so many of these. The most imnportant thing is not to let some bored HR person make you feel bad about yourself. Keep your head up and keep trying!!You'll get there!

  3. I think its great you chose to share your experience! I know it's horrible but the interviewer sounds like she's the one who clearly isn't interested in working for the company and it's just a sign that there are better things to come for you! Don't be disheartened! xx


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