Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fishy Delishy

I'm trying my hardest to stay connected to the blogging world but revision calls! I promise there will be more insightful posts after the 8th of may! But for now however, a post about hair. The fish plait in particular. This marvellous hair styling technique is always popping up on Instagram on the fashion pages. There are a million and one different ways to wear this 'do' and there have been plenty of celebrities trying it out recently. 

 Not the biggest fan of Vanessa but she wears the fish tail well. 

I like the way Pixie Lott has done it in a parted head band style.

Rihanna's redness brings out the shape of the plait nicely! 
Here are some of my favourites from Instagram, all by Admirable Fashion and Fashion Dreams. 

 To try and describe it simply is a bit of a mission but here goes. Split your hair (or the pieces you want to use) into two sections. Take a little piece from one of the sections and pass it to the opposite side, the smaller the piece the better it will look. Repeat this keeping it as tight as possible all the way down your hair and voila! That was very basic so if your having trouble get onto Youtube for some tutorials. Here is my attempt (below) yes, its dark yes, I don't have any make up on and yes, I'm in bed, but a post is a post! 

My guess is this simple style is a bit hit for summer, so give it a try! 


  1. still gorgeous! i'm jealous that you can do that. i wish i could

  2. Love the fishtails and the Bralets! Looks good lady! Check mine out...


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