Monday, 16 April 2012

Face Mask Heaven

Recently I've been looking for some kind of skin regime as I've never really had one and my skin is terrible. Yesterday I was complaining about my oily and blocked pores when my dad saunters off to his room and comes back with a tube of Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask and simply mutters the words 'Don't Ask'. I was impressed with his choice, and pleasantly surprised as I love the Soap and Glory range but have never been able to afford it, so I couldn't wait to try. 
Just before bed I decided to give it a go. I loved reading the instructions, as with any Soap and Glory products, they are always funny and quirky. After applying and scrubbing into my face the 'grape-sized' amount needed, your skin quickly gets a heated sensation as it starts to take effect, this was intensified by the tiny exfoliating beads and 'skin smoothing scrub stuff' as they put it. This was very weird but oddly pleasurable as it felt like a reaction was happening, in a good way. After leaving it on for about 4 minutes, it had dried and gone a funny blue colour, which was supposed to happen apparently. I washed it off and gently towel dried my face. Although I couldn't see much difference to make skin straight away, the feel of my skin was instantly softer, not oily, and refreshed. 
I asked my dad how much this miracle face mask in a tube was and of course he didn't know, so after a bit of scoping on the Boots website my heart dropped as I found it was £11. This may be a bit of a dip into the student pocket but as my dad rightly pointed out, a 'grape-sized' amount used each time is hardly much so it will last a good few months which made it seem more worth it, especially thinking about how much nicer my skin will become with every use. 
Today I head back to Uni, upon giving the tube back to my Dad he said 'no, its alright, you can have it,' I was ecstatic. 
Moral of this story, if you can fish around for £11 I would definitely invest in this product, my skin feels illuminated and my pores feel unblocked and minimised (well, on their way) and if you can't, why not see what your Dad has in his bathroom cupboard, you might find something worth trying!

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