Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Library Wear

Library Wear

Its that time of year again... teenagers and young adults of all walks of life come out of their pits and hit the books to revise for the dreaded exams. This is something I will be going through for the very last time, yikes. My finals for my degree are fast approaching which means 8 hours a day of revision cards, coke, and cramming. 
So I thought I'd do a few outfits of inspo on what to wear for the library. If you're stuck, click on google, type in 'baggy' and bob's your uncle, well he might not be, but thats basically the only word to describe the best thing to wear, for me anyway.
When your sitting there trying to remember at least ONE of the thing for your exam, you don't want it made worse with chaffing, tightness or a constant wedgie, do you?
I'm not saying go to the libs in your PJ's like a hobo, but just caj it up a bit. 
Now I'm not here to tell anybody what to wear, and personally I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of joggers outside the house, but if your into this whole Cara Delevingne does slumpy grundge 'I'm so pretty I can dress like a half asleep man in sweatpants' then go for it, I wish I had the nerve, because they are gorgeously comfy and I'm sure I could remember half my logistics wearing them. 
If you want to up-the-caj then maybe jeans are slightly more fitting, with a loose jumper, pumps and a big bag full of books. Little tip, if you want to take a nice bag but don't to weigh it down with all your crap, take a swanky canvas bag on your shoulder, you know the free ones you get at Toppy or Primark sometimes, prevents a bad back too!
Today, I wore black jeans, a powder blue jumper and some black shoes, pretty plain but not completely casual.
So, remember to drink lots of coffee, take lots of spare pens, eye up all the fitties, eat plenty of unhealthy snacks, stress yourself out and stay POZ, all the hard work will pay off!!

Good luck to all you ducklings taking GCSE's (lucky sods), A levels (easyyy) and even finals (I don't know whether to laugh or cry) 

Oh ya, and if you're wondering, those are stress balls shaped like boobs, I would love to see someone whack them out and start squeezing!

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